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For the frequency 9 Mii-chan contacted Ayanokoji invited your in order to an eatery and requested him to own guidance in terms of Hirata

For the frequency 9 Mii-chan contacted Ayanokoji invited your in order to an eatery and requested him to own guidance in terms of Hirata

Mei-Yu Wang

Mii-chan informed Ayanokoji you to definitely Hirata told her that Ayanokoji ‘s the best and you can level-headed person in the category, up coming Mii-chan expected Ayanokoji when the Hirata try dating people immediately following Hirata bankrupt with Karuizawa, Mii-chan following informed Ayanokoji you to definitely she liked Hirata but she doesn’t have confidence because she has many rivals and this she hadn’t fell in love before. Ayanokoji shared with her not to ever feel impatient given that Hirata is actually a good good individual and you may immediately after Hirata dumped Karuizawa it is unrealistic he will accept any confessions in order to your quickly. After that Mii-chan told her impact regarding Ayanokoji, that she thinks that as the Ayanokoji is a silent people. Some body always believes one Ayanokoji is actually a frightening people but their impression with the Ayanokoji alter. She thought of your because anybody friendly and you may effective in paying attention to many other people’s opinion in addition to providing sound advice.

Most other Friends

Along with Suzune, Kikyo, Airi, Ken and you may Yosuke, he really does seldom relate solely to his other classmates. In Episode 1, in the event that category are expected to put on their own, he attempted to build a beneficial effect however, had a plain reason when speaking and that baffled another youngsters. Inside the Occurrence dos, Kiyotaka was downcast that everybody otherwise produced a pal as he was still alone. During the Event step 3, a great celebratory team is thrown in his place immediately after a current test although he was happier he previously family members around, he had been worried about the clutter. The guy hid their engagement when you look at the preventing Ken’s expulsion by providing Suzune the credit toward plan just after Kikyo mentioned that Kiyotaka had something to create on it. When you look at the Event cuatro, he seemed to work effectively along with his class mates as they the seek out research to show Ken’s innocence. When Honami offered to help you stating she due your an excellent rather have, the team questioned as to the reasons just someone very beautiful got currently owed your a support. Within the Occurrence eight, Kiyotaka agreed to engage in the group of males exactly who planned to peep towards the women, even though his actual purposes was to avoid him or her of taking the classification in big trouble. With Suzune’s assist, the master plan was efficiently foiled. This was a differ from the original white novel where the guy enlisted the assistance of Kei so you’re able to foil the bundle.

When you look at the endurance shot, their diminished prominence regarding category is actually taken to light when Suzune volunteered him because the a protector immediately following Kei’s underwear are stolen, causing a lot of them so you’re able to buy into the report. not, a big part offered to put your to the protect obligation while the the guy failed to look lecherous in the place of additional boys throughout the group.

Because of his actual thoughts, it is unfamiliar what the guy most thinks about their class mates. Yet not, apparently his strategies aided them out in the latest enough time work with while the shown from the survival try where classification won, however, the guy safeguarded their tracks by providing Suzune the credit.

Throughout the white elizabeth as numerous barely pay attention to him because of him concealing about record. not, as he challenged Manabu Horikita in order to a hurry, he displayed a look away from their correct physical abilities in the sporting events festival. Regardless of if he shed the newest competition, the category is truly shocked by their power and reach find him within the a separate light, that have him even becoming more popular one of certain female into the his category, far to his surprise and the almost every other boys’ dismay.

By the exposing their true speciality, a number of the college students even have formed a study class known as the Ayanokoji Category, that is several students exactly who almost mask about records having your. The guy turned close friends having most the latest people, also delivering on a first-name basis using them. Kiyotaka will not appear to believe him or her pawns and you can appears to certainly take care of people they have befriended. In the event into the later quantities, he has got distanced himself from them to allow them to fend to have on their own and you can expand whilst emphasizing way more particular anyone.