1st Working Group Meeting
27 February 2018
Project Team investigated ZMMAE Labs.
28 February 2018

2nd Working Group Meeting

The ProtectLife Project Working Group met with the participation of all project partners on 28.02.2018 at 10.00 at the ZMMAE Meeting Room under the chairmanship of Project Coordinator Dr.Arzu AYDAR.

Dr. Yasemin SABAHOĞLU from ZMMAE, Dr. Grzegorz DORUCHOWSKI from INHORT, Prof.Dr.András SZÊKÁCS from NAIK, Dr.Roxana CICEOI from USAMV, Dr.Mesut GÖLBAŞI form UTEM, Prof.Dr.Ali İhsan ACAR and Dr.Okray OREL from AU TMTM, Osman ARI from GKGM BKÜDB and Selami İLERİ from TARMAKBIR have attended the meeting as representatives of their institutions.

At the meeting, firstly, the tasks of the partners involved in the Project were introduced by the Coordinator Dr.AYDAR and as a result of the discussions, it was agreed on the roles of each partner in the project.

In the second part of the agenda, information about the previous studies on the subject made by foreign partners was given. For this purpose, Dr.DORUCKOWSI talked about his own academic studies as well as the TOPPS project they had previously worked for. Similarly, Dr.CICEOI and Dr. SZÊKÁCS announced their scientific studies and laws and regulations in their countries.

After the break, Dr.OREL made explanations about the website and the method of data transfer between partners. In addition, Dr.OREL answered the partners' questions about time, content and tasks by providing preliminary information about the mobile application which will be an important outcome of the project.

In accordance with the last item on the agenda it was made in the discussions regarding the mandate of each partner.