Project Kick-Off Meeting
27 February 2018
2nd Working Group Meeting
28 February 2018

1st Working Group Meeting

After lunch together at 14.00, at the 6th floor of the main building of the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock, a working group meeting was held in the Meeting Hall of the General Directorate of Food and Control to get to know each other better. In the chairmanship of Dr.Arzu AYDAR (ZMMAE), Dr.Sait ERTÜRK (ZMMAE), Dr.Ayşe ÖZDEM (ZMMAE) and deputy coordinator of the project Dr.Yasemin SABAHOĞLU (ZMMAE), Prof.Dr.Sc.Andrâs SZEKÂCS (NARIC), Dr.Grzegorz DORUCHOWSKI (INHORT), Dr.Roxana CICEOI (USAMV), Dr. Mesut GÖLBAŞI (UTEM), Prof.Dr.Ali İhsan ACAR and Dr.Okray OREL (AU TMTM), Osman ARI and Muammer FİDAN (GKGM BKÜ) and Selami İLERİ (TARMAKBİR) have attended the meeting.

At the meeting, Coordinator Dr. Arzu AYDAR made a presentation on the objectives, expected results and outputs of the PROTECTLIFE project. After the negotiations, the project partners gave information about the opportunities of their institutions and their teams to work on the project. After the coffee break, Dr. Arzu AYDAR made explanations about the management and budgeting of the project and answered the questions of the partners. The project schedule was announced by the project partner AU TMTM representative Dr.Okray OREL and the dates of the international meetings were discussed and the meeting dates were determined.